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Caring Early Childhood Education Center

At the Children's Preschool & Learning Center of Poway, California, we understand that you want the finest care available for your child. By combining early childhood education basics with a 'play and learn' philosophy, our team brings the best of both worlds together in our facility. Each student can develop their sense of self and their talents through meaningful, fun activities.

A Commitment to Learning

Directed by kindergarten teacher Anoush Tencati, the Children's Preschool & Learning Center is dedicated to acquainting your child a variety of subjects, including math, science, writing, and reading. Thanks to our phonetic approach to reading, most of our children can read as they leave our kindergarten program. With the guidance of our staff, your child has the opportunity to do all of the following:

  • Be Curious
  • Develop a Sense of Self-worth Through Achievement
  • Develop an Understanding of Both Academics & the Arts
  • Explore & Discover
  • Socially Interact With Others
  • Experience the FUN OF LEARNING!
Child Playing - Early Childhood Education

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